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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

This month I have rewritten my blog several times, as the times are moving faster than I can blog! After reflecting on the tension and anxiety that people may be feeling in this difficult time, I want to write to you about the importance of workspace comfort and why it is even more important when working from home.

In the workplace we often don’t have much control over our work environment. Setting up my own in-home office space over a year ago was hugely rewarding and made me be more purposeful in how I created my workspace and planned out my workday. As a commercial interior designer I thought I would share some tips to help create an inspiring and healthy space. 

Read 6 key tips for working from home:

1. Breathe in breathe out. Now open the door or windows to allow fresh air to flow into your space.  It is proven that fresh air promotes a healthy space. Add a touch of nature or planting to your office.

Check out Love Grow NZ or The Plant Project for plant inspiration 

2. Lighting is key! Avoid dark spaces like basements and if you are thinking of converting a space like a garage make sure you have a window.  Find a spot away from glare and if you need extra lighting to brighten your space, use a desk lamp, freestanding lamp to light the ceiling in darker spaces. Science states for brain stimulation we need at least 4000k to concentrate, this could be achieved by changing your desk lamp bulb to a white light available from your local supermarket.

3. Maintain posture - work safe, legs at 90 degrees, top of computer monitor at eye height to help protect the neck. You can use a few books stacked to raise the laptop if you have a separate keyboard. If looking for a quick temporary solution for the home office check out theRefold card board desk solution - they will be delivering these flat pack solutions to your door!

4. Create a work ‘zone', if you are sharing your space with loved ones locate an area you can call ‘work’ and put some music or headphones on.  Your home is now your work space so it's important to set boundaries, and not just physical ones psychological ones too... try to avoid placing the desk right next to the fridge unless you want your “lunch” routine to become an all day routine.

5. Make a cuppa tea, pour a coffee brew with your Ozone Chemex and stay hydrated.  Mini breaks are great and have been one of my personal goals this year. Once you have clocked out, go for a walk, mini workout or yoga session to boost your energy! 

6. Stay connected with your team, key collaborators, family and friends!  Friends kept saying to me, isn't working from home lonely? Surely it must be so isolating? But I just made a plan, whether this was catching up with a fellow designer to bounce creative ideas, chat to one of our lovely suppliers or take Poppi the office dog for her morning neighbourhood patrol!

I truly hope these tips help over the next coming weeks!

Stay home, kind and Kia Kaha NZ x

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