Amore Gelato

Westfield Newmarket, Auckland

Hospitality Design




When a past client introduced us to the Amore Gelato team, we hit it off right away. The clients were set to open their brand-new Italian gelato kiosk at Auckland’s latest and greatest mall, Westfield Newmarket.



We started by taking a close look at materiality. From scoops, to soft peaks, to melted ice-cream, we explored the many forms gelato could take, and how we could use materials and textures to recreate them.

Terrazzo table-tops evoked pink cookies and cream. Rounded details on the benchtops echoed gelato scoops. And a show-stopping sign by Radical Neon bent three different ways, to take the shape of a mouth-watering swirl of ice-cream.

We introduced arches and curves, to capture the fluidity of melted gelato, and LED lights set into the benchtops gave the counter an edgy and eye-catching glow.

The budget for the project was tight, so clever materials choices played a starring role in creating a premium and luxe space, all without breaking the bank.

True to our ethos of beautiful spaces built on strong brands, we enlisted the help of brand design expert, Britt Collard, to create the Amore Gelato brand from scratch. That meant every touchpoint – from the logo, symbol, and colour palette, to the website, uniforms, and ice-cream cones – worked seamlessly together. And that the newly formed brand could be brought to life in every ice-creamy corner.


Based on busy level 3, right next to the playground, the original brief was for a clean and fresh space that would fit in with the level’s cheeky and vibrant vibe.

We worked closely with the franchisors and Westfield team to flesh out a more detailed conceptual brief. So we could go a step further than looks, and turn Amore Gelato into a unique, fresh, and contemporary Kiwi brand; a brand that just oozes gelato.

We stayed on-the-ground throughout the project, and helped Amore Gelato get ready to scoop their first gelato in time for the mall’s big opening – a set-in-stone deadline, with high stakes attached. Today, the finished space’s clever and inventive use of materials tells a tasty story. And our happy clients wound up with more than just a kiosk; they also got a deliciously cohesive brand.



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